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 Below is a list of gaps in the data I have.

Any help filling these gaps would be greatly appreciated.

Either add your information to the talk page attached to this page (by clicking on the discussion tab above) or email me






[edit] 2005 EDFL A Grade 1st Semi Final Venue

I know that Strathmore beat Avondale Heights but i don't know where this match was played.

[edit] 2007 EDFL A Grade season - abandoned match

Round 16 - Keilor Park v Oak Park - match was officially abandoned - Can anyone tell me why

[edit] SFL

[edit] WRFL

[edit] 2007 WRFL DIV 2 season - abandoned match

Round 15 - Deer Park v West Footscary - match officially abandoned - I assume this was due to the condition of the ground as this was a common problem across Melbourne in 2007 due to the drought - is my assumption correct?

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